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Welcome to the website for the book On Call in Africa, in War and Peace, 1910-1932.

The book contains the story and eye-witness account of events based on the personal diary, memoirs and extensive photography of Dr Norman Parsons Jewell who served as a Medical Officer throughout the first world war in East Africa, as well as a Doctor and Administrator in the UK colonial service in Seychelles (pre-war) and Kenya (post-war).

The hardback book was published on 31st March 2016 and may be purchased from bookstores and Online.

Relevant entries from Norman’s official medical diaries during the war, held in the National Archives in the UK, provide exact dates, places, record of events and medical statistics to complement the personal memoirs, photographs and observations on the war that form the main Part 1 of the book. These data are summarized by Dr Anne Samson in Part 2 of the book and provide factual documentation to the main memoirs. Insight is also provided into the UK Pike Report on medical, supply and other matters during the East African campaign; this report remains largely unknown due to government classification of the document as secret/sensitive.

The story of Norman’s remarkable wife, Sydney Elizabeth Auchinleck, their period together at Trinity College Dublin, where she was among the first women to be admitted in 1904 and the first to graduate in Chemistry, and their children John, Norman, Norah and Daphne, born in the Seychelles and Kenya, is summarized in a short Part 3. The School of Chemistry at Trinity College recently inaugurated the Sydney E. Auchinleck Postgraduate Research Studentship in her honour (November 2016).

This website provides a source of information on this important period of early 20th century East African and First World War history linked with the new eye witness account and unique photographs by Norman Jewell.

The book contains 145 photos, many maps and illustrations, and is 416 pages long as described in the book Flyer.

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The book Editor Dr Tony Jewell before his presentation at the LSHTM.

The high quality, hardback First Edition of the book may be purchased directly Online (worldwide) or from UK bookshops; it is available at the National WW1 Museum in USA. The book is available for Kindle and iBook readers (worldwide).

A selection of 210 original photographs by Norman Jewell are in the Mary Evans Picture Library accessible for educational and commercial use.  A catalogue with thumbnail images provides a convenient listing: Dr NP Jewell ‘On Call in Africa’ Photo Collection.

This period of East African history and the events during WW1 in Africa are topics of important public and historical interest.  We provide Useful Links to published books, documents, video and online resources, including the 1914-1918 WW1 encyclopedia, for information and further research.

A concise summary of the main events during WW1 in East Africa is provided in this Infographic.

Updates on current events, conferences and news on the history may be found at the Great War in Africa Association run by Dr Anne Samson, who has written about her research work for the book.

A recent article in Old Africa Magazine Aug-Sept 2016 describes the genesis of the book and another describes events at the Battle for Taveta excerpted from the book.

A recent book review was published in the Kings African Rifles magazine Rhino Link October 2016 and in CoastWeek in Kenya Fast and fascinating memoir of medical man in Kenya 1914-32.

Please see many other Reviews as well as Commentary from book purchasers.

The Book Index and the list of Contents and Illustrations are useful pages to check for specific people, places and events described in On Call in Africa.

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