Some published stories on people, places and events linked with Norman Jewell’s experiences during WW1 in East Africa.

Zorowar Singh

Zorowar Singh worked closely with Norman during WW1 and Anne Samson has provided this interesting account.

Zorawar Singh – 3EAFA by Anne Samson.

The Königsberg Gun in Hove

SMS Königsberg and her guns played a significant role during WW1 in East Africa. The background and much detail on the ship and her history are available here.

One of the project team for On Call in Africa lives in Hove, UK. Recently he discovered that a Königsberg gun had resided and been displayed nearby. This story was discovered via Judy Middelton who runs the Hove in the Past website where she has written about it.

A short account of this interesting history of one of the Königsberg guns is also available below