This site is run by the children of John Hugh Auchinleck Jewell (surgeon from Mombasa) the eldest son of Norman Parsons Jewell, the author of On Call in Africa. As described in the book, there was a long genesis to bring these diaries and unique photographic records to print.  After several interrupted steps, David, Sandie, Tony and Richard finished the work.  Tony is the book editor and Sandie scanned and identified the photographs, completed much of the research and authored the family history section, Part 3 of the book. See the recent article in Old Africa Magazine for more detail  Old Africa Issue 66 – On Call in Africa.

The work and support of Anne Samson (The Great War in Africa Association) has been essential to the success of the project, tying the diaries to the exact campaign phases, dates and battles.  It was Anne who found the official diaries written by Norman in the National Archives and kindly transcribed and annotated the most relevant of those to be included in Part 2 of the book.

We would like the site to be highly interactive, correct, useful and as complete as possible.  Please let us know of any errors that need correcting or new content or links that should be added.  Also do not hesitate to request additional material or discussion to be added to the site.

Please email to suggestions@oncallinafrica.com.

We are keen to help on any matters and can be reached at contact@oncallinafrica.com.


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